Mirko Scarcella

Mirko Scarcella

Specialized in social media, stock market and crypto promotion.

More than 10 years of marketing and social media experience at your service.

Entrepreneur, Author, Crypto lover, Wall street lover, Mirko Scarcella has been at the helm of Lion ADV, Inc for 2 years. He has helped several projects in the crypto world to gain exposure thanks to very famous celebrities, billboards, and social media promotions.

Mirko Scarcella.

He loves social media and communication, he has worked and still does as a social media expert with important international celebrities. 2 of his books are available on Amazon, “The Bible success fame money” where Mirko talks about Instagram, with the preface by Floyd Mayweather who says about him: “This manual of my friend Mirko teaches you how to create your popularity within the parameters of Instagram “, and another book” The Business Game “with the foreword by superstar Nicky Jam, where Mirko talks about some events in his life, before becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Mirko Scarcella was born in Milan on 06/20/1987.

Social Media Handles.

Celebrities Crypto Marketing.
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