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Influencers Are Promoting Cryptocurrency! How?

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Tell us how you first heard about crypto? You might have come across a cryptocurrency logo on the Instagram story of an influencer or some celebrity talking about it in their live session. For those who don’t know, it is a part of influencer marketing.

To dig deep into the discussion about the role of influencer marketing in crypto promotion, we will discuss the trend of cryptocurrency and its introduction to the influencer market in this write-up. Also, we will unravel the reason behind the success of cryptocurrencies.
What is Influencer Marketing?
It isn’t a secret anymore that social media influencers get paid to advertise brand products. What they get in return is money; the brand gets visibility by reaching out to diverse audiences. From apparel to edibles, every brand is reaching out to these self-made celebrities.

It seems like influencer marketing has revived the advertising trends. And lately, cryptocurrency has grabbed the attention of influencers and celebrities.
How is Crypto Promotion Related to Influencer Marketing?
The most common ways of crypto promotion are celebrity promotion or influencer promotion. Other than that, Billboards in significant places like Times Square can also enhance visibility.

Influencer and celebrity promotion remains the easiest and most effective way of advertisement. It is because they have the power to influence the actions or thoughts of their followers. So, you can reach out to a large audience through a single person.

The Crypto market saw a significant rise ever since celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Tana Mongeau started talking about it. Such celebs are bridging the gap between crypto being limited to the tech nerds only to its popularity in the common public with no technical knowledge.

The public went crazy for ethereumMax, after an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian. These statistics just strengthen the notion that celebrities and influencers are playing a significant role in the success of such ventures.

Thanks to influencers Iike Lauren and D’Amelio sisters, even Gen Z has started taking interest in currencies like Gemini.

If you want to promote your crypto, what’s a better option than influencers and celebrities?

Companies like ours, Lionadv.us, are working strategically for the promotion of crypto. They help you reach out to celebrities and influencers to get your crypto advertised in the stories or posts of their official accounts.

Whether you want to air a promotional video of your crypto, your logo, or attract masses through celebrity faces with your crypto on billboards, Lionadv.us covers it all.
What’s the Importance of Crypto influencers?
The heated marketing campaign of crypto has introduced numerous crypto influencers. Even young celebrities and influencers are interested in blockchains.

Investors get advantage from such campaigns as they get a chance to keep themselves updated with the ever-changing blockchain trends. Also, new investors are attracted by the information these influencers provide.

Crypto influencers are acting as guides for people having an interest in the crypto world. They are one of the significant reasons behind the quantum leap of cryptocurrency.
Bottom Line
We wouldn’t wonder if you say you want to invest in cryptocurrency, even if you have zero knowledge about it. Influencer marketing has urged many newbies to consider cryptocurrency as their next investment.

If you own new crypto and want it to create an impact through promotion, contact Lionadv.us. We can help you achieve a level of trust and excellence through strategic marketing.

Mirko Scarcella

Influencers Are Promoting Cryptocurrency! How?

Influencers Crypto Marketing

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